Dr. Marti Levinson and Dr. Carla Sullivan have made a commitment to their patients to stay current with the latest advancements so that they can deliver high quality care in the most comfortable and efficient way possible.

Digital Impressions

Do you dislike the gooey impressions at the dental office? If so, we have an alternative for you. iTero Digital ImageOur iTero Digital Impression technology merges a series of images to construct a 3-D digital model of your teeth. This digital model helps ensure high accuracy when creating custom dental restorations and appliances for you.

Soft Tissue Laser

Using a soft tissue laser minimizes the discomfort our patients experience and reduces their recovery time after treatment is received.  We utilize this technology as an adjunct for periodontal therapy, re-contouring gum tissue, and treating aphthous ulcers in addition to many other applications. 

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are useful for documenting what dental x-rays can’t show us. We can use photographs of your teeth to communicate tooth size, shape, and relationships with dental labs. They are also helpful in recording changes in gum tissue, documenting suspicious oral lesions, and comparing conditions such as tooth wear and position over a period of time.  

Soprolife Intraoral Camera

This tiny camera captures highly detailed images of your teeth to aid in early detection of cavities and tooth pathology such as fractures, wear, and stains. This tool also allows us to show you those areas of your mouth that you can’t see in your mirror at home.

OralID (Oral Cancer Screening)

OralID is a state-of-the-art cancer screening device that can help identify early signs of oral cancer, even before these lesions can even be seen with the human eye. Being able to identify these oral lesions at earlier stages could be the difference between life and death. The oral cancer screening is a quick and easy test that is done without dyes or rinses. We recommend all our patients be screened with the OralID every year.

Digital X-ray

We utilize digital radiography because it reduces the amount of radiation exposure when compared to traditional x-rays. It also allows us to diagnose and treat dental decay before it becomes too extensive. Early detection of pathology increases our chance to provide you with a positive treatment outcome.

Air Polishing

This technique not only makes your teeth feel silky smooth, but it also helps remove stubborn stain, calculus build up, and debris from the surfaces of your teeth.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

This instrumentation is key to breaking up plaque biofilms - especially those located under the gum line. 

Electric Handpieces

Unlike some older drills, our electric handpieces are smooth and reduce the amount of noise you hear during procedures.

iPad Check In

When you arrive for your appointment, you can now fill out or update your patient information on iPads while relaxing in our reception area.  While we always strive to keep paperwork to a minimum, doing so digitally on the iPad can expedite the process and reduce the chance of human error.

Email and Text Reminders

We understand that you manage a very busy schedule.  That’s why you can schedule and confirm your appointments via email and text.  Our convenient system will notify you of upcoming appointments and give you a friendly reminder if you are overdue for your hygiene appointment!  You can tell us how you like to be contacted and we can customize the system to fit your preferences.